The acronym of the company B A R over the name of the company Bennett Advanced ResearchAt BENNETT ADVANCED RESEARCH we focus our passion for technology to help better our World and our Nation. BENNETT ADVANCED RESEARCH is a collective of Senior Technologists, Scientists, and Business Experts working to solve challenges for US Government interests.

A green laser lidar system beaming up into the night skyWe are a focused Research and Development company and the sum total of BENNETT ADVANCED RESEARCH is not limited to just our staff. Over the past years our professionals have teamed with some of our Nation’s thought leaders in dozens of universities and large and small businesses. It is our in house expertise combined with our network of peers that allows BENNETT ADVANCED RESEARCH to perform far beyond typical bounds and leading the to solutions that were literally thought to be impossible to achieve. We look forward to collaborating with you to solve the world’s challenges by imagining and then creating paradigm shifts to better our world.