BENNETT ADVANCED RESEARCH covers a wide array of R&D activities in the physical and human domains. Below is a sampling of expertise and experience.


Additive Manufacturing

Metallic missle shaped artifacts.

Projectiles created using Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) under US Navy funded research.

BENNETT ADVANCED RESARCH Founder and CEO via his predecessor company have served as the prime contractor on numerous US Government funded SBIR R&D efforts centered on Additive Manufacturing (AM). Our expertise in AM has developed into one of our core competencies. At BENNETT APPLIED RESEARCH we are doing our part to make AM a reality and help revitalize US manufacturing.

On one U.S. Navy funded contract, the effort validated the use of AM parts for ship models used in electro-magnetic testing of US Navy ships. In another example, the first step was successfully completed to create a methodology that improves the transition of metal-based AM technologies to naval aviation products. The system determines the material properties required for incorporation into a thermal process model, which then simulates the AM processes. The four-step system is based on material property testing, multi-physics computer simulation, model validation with process feedback, and verification of results with final product analysis. These computer simulations will prove to reduce total cost of ownership, increase weapon system readiness, and maintain material quality. In still another example, Mr. Bennett led an effort to create AM projectile artifacts for the US Navy Rail Gun Program.

Advanced Materials R&D

SEM image of curled roll of semitransparent material wth nanoscale columns.

SEM Image: Nanoscale Piezoeletric thin film developed with Georgia Tech.

BENNETT ADVANCED RESEARCH leadership directly tackled the challenge of electrical power generation using body-worn systems for the dismounted warrior in the field. The team created a nanoscale thin film named VoltFlex™. VoltFlex™ consists of highly repeatable and consistent nano-scale structures that generate electricity when compressed. The future vision is a soldier-worn system to recharge and/or supplement conventional energy storage devices, such as batteries while a Warfighter conducts normal actions such as walking.



The Next Biggest Thing Since Weather Radar

                                                     ―The US National Weather Service

multicolored spectral image of atmosphere near ground level in forest.

Localized forest atmospheric profile. Image courtesy of USDA Forest Service.

BENNETT ADVANCED RESEARCH via the Founder’s predecessor company (Bennett Aerospace and Defense, LLC) led by Douglas Bennett, with team members Georgia Tech Research Institute and Sandia National Laboratory, designed and prototyped WavePRO™ – a new LIDAR system for with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that will revolutionize weather prediction. WavePro™ will dramatically increase the resolution of water vapor profiles in Earth’s atmosphere many orders of magnitude over that offered by conventional weather balloons. The highly successful effort solved the dual challenge of measuring water vapor from a stationary ground base in an eye-safe manner and in sunlight. The system, when combined with other instrumentation, will ultimately replace the expensive weather balloon program at the National Weather Service while providing exponentially more weather data.

Cognitive Radio, Software Defined Architectures, and Radar

Large satellite antenna in field.

One component of the NASA space communications architecture. Image courtesy NASA.

BENNETT ADVANCED RESEARCH has deep expertise across the RF and radar spectrum. From detailed antenna design and simulation for the US Navy to space communications architecture development for NASA, Bennett staff have worked in nearly all aspects of RF communications.

In addition, our staff have proven experience in the design of next generation radar system test beds with the US Navy. These and other projects across the electromagnetic spectrum illustrate our staff’s ability to bring solutions to your challenging RF and multispectral requirements.